Heart attack prevention


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All Natural Life-Support System:

Heartlifeplus 1 Bottle ($34.00)

Heartlifeplus 2 Bottles ($68.00)

Heartlifeplus 3 Bottles ($102.00)

One-month supply
Each bottle of Heartlifeplus contains 90 tablets.
Take as directed. For chronic illness you can double the dosage. This all-natural supplement is safe and effective for supporting your health. Our products are manufactured in FDA approved facilities and come with a 100% moneyback no questions asked guarantee.

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Bottle plus Free D/L Book ($25.50)

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Now available. Dr. Pilgreen's critically acclaimed bestseller "Your Heart May Be A Ticking Timebomb". Backed by 10 years of research, Dr. Pilgreen uncovers the medical industries secrets and deception about prescription drugs and the treatment of heart disease. Dr. Pilgreen explains the ins and outs of heart disease in a simple to understand way. You will understand the process, treatments and alternatives to effectively manage the number one killer in America. The book is available in hard copy and PDF download.
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Proform Cleansing System

Proform 1 Bottle ($12.00)

Proform 2 Bottles ($24.00)

Proform 3 bottles ($36.00)

Colon cleanse
Each bottle contains a one-month supply.
All natural detoxification system. This product helps removal of toxic byproducts. Works gently on the system without painful cramps and discomfort like over-the-counter products. Safe and effective. Use as directed.

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