7 apps like Earnin for cash advances

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The Earnin app is a great option when you’re low on cash between paychecks and need a boost. Earnin is great because it has no subscription fees or hidden charges. The problem is, you can’t borrow more than $100 a day, which may not be enough to cover your current shortfall.

The following apps like Earnin can provide you with higher amounts for a cash advance. However, they may have higher fees and finance charges that you should be aware of before making your choice.

1. Daily payment

Some companies participate in DailyPay, an app employees can use to access a portion of their earned paychecks on demand. This means you can cash out before your paycheck arrives. Best of all, there’s no charge to access your payroll early.

Additionally, you can sign up for Friday, a prepaid Visa card with an accompanying app to manage the funds. Use the Visa card to pay for items such as groceries and gas or to withdraw cash. If you’re wondering if your company offers DailyPay, ask your contact or human resources manager.

2. Flexible salary

FlexWage is similar to DailyPay – an option to access your payroll and tips on demand. The service is only available through participating companies. You’ll receive a reloadable debit card for the funds you’ve requested, making it ideal for anyone without a bank account. You can use the debit card to pay for items or withdraw funds at an ATM.

3. Branch

Some of the apps mentioned so far allow you to withdraw tips and payroll earned if you work for a participating employer. The key is that the money must already have been earned to access the funds. Branch offers a similar service but offers more flexibility.

Branch allows employers to grant early access to up to half of an employee’s next paycheck. The amount will be deposited into your Branch digital wallet, where you can pay bills, transfer funds, or make withdrawals using the linked card that comes with the app.

Branch also offers more flexibility by offering delivery options on your funds. You can choose to be paid within a standard three-day period. Or you can rush payment for a fee.


If you have an account with Dave, you could receive a cash advance, known as ExtraCash, of up to $500 interest-free as long as you have direct deposit set up. Receiving pay as a direct deposit to your Dave account has its advantages – you’ll likely receive your paycheck up to two days earlier than expected.

If you’re wondering if opening an account with Dave is worth it, you’ll find that there are no fees outside of the $1 monthly membership fee. There are no overdraft, ATM or minimum balance fees to worry about.

5. Payactiv

Payactiv is one of the largest payday advance services. It works with over 1,500 employers, such as Uber and Walmart. Each employer determines how much they will allow you to access from your earned salary. Any portion of your payroll that you choose to receive as an advance will be deducted from your next paycheque.

Funds can be transferred to an existing bank account or card, or you can even schedule bill payments with your payroll balance through the Payactiv app. Even if you don’t work for a participating employer, you can still use Payactiv as a banking alternative.

6. Bridget

If you find that you regularly need access to a small amount of money and currently do not have access through your bank to an overdraft line of credit, Brigit could be a good solution. For a monthly membership fee of $9.99, you could have instant access with no credit check to cash advances of up to $250. And aside from the monthly membership fee, there are no other fees.

Brigit also offers a loan over 12 months or 24 months. Brigit places the loan amount in a credit builder deposit account, and you choose a monthly payment amount of $1 to $25 for a 24 month term or $1 to $50 for a 12 month term. Even better, you could boost your credit when you repay the advance since Brigit reports your payments to the credit bureaus.

7. Silver Lion

MoneyLion is similar to Brigit. You will receive an interest-free advance of up to $250 if you qualify, and the funds will be available within minutes. MoneyLion does not perform credit checks to lend you money. The main eligibility requirements include a current account that has been open for at least two months and a constant positive balance with regular deposits.

For larger amounts, MoneyLion offers a Credit Builder Plus program. It will cost you $19.99 per month to sign up, but you’ll have access to up to $1,000, which must be paid back over a 12-month period. MoneyLion will report your payments to the credit bureaus to help establish your credit score. However, you will need to weigh whether the monthly membership fee and APR are worth the expense.


There are times in life when making ends meet can be a challenge, especially when an emergency or an unexpected expense arises. Having quick access to your paycheck or knowing where to find a cash advance app without exorbitant fees can be a lifesaver. These seven apps like Earnin for cash advances can be helpful resources when you’re low on cash.

Information is accurate as of October 19, 2022.

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