Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum ‘Appalled’ by Carroll ISD Administrator Statement on Need for ‘Opposing view’ on Holocaust

The Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum says it is dismayed by tape-recorded statements from an ISD administrator in Carroll suggesting that teachers should present books with an “opposing” view of it. ‘Holocaust.

Carroll ISD quickly apologized for the administrator’s statements in a statement to NBC 5.

“We recognize that there are not two sides to the Holocaust,” said Superintendent Lane Ledbetter. “As we continue to work on the implementation of HB3979, we also understand that this bill does not require an opposing view on historical facts.”

HB3979 entered into force on September 1 after 87e The legislature approved it and Governor Greg Abbott proclaimed it into law.

Proponents say the law is intended to prevent teachers from presenting programs that would make someone feel “guilty or anxious” because of their race.

There is also a provision that says that any topic that is “a widely debated and currently controversial public policy issue” that teachers should “endeavor to explore these issues from diverse and conflicting perspectives.

Mary Pat Higgins, CEO of the Dallas Holocaust and Human Rights Museum, opposed the bill before it became law, mainly because it does not answer the question of who decides which topic is controversial.

“I think the fact that educators and school districts are put in the position of trying to judge what is a reasonable objection or a reasonable opposing point of view really puts them in danger of not being able to teach. our kids the story they need to know, ”Higgins said. NBC5 Friday.

Higgins said Carroll ISD’s response illustrates the dangers of the new law that requires historical facts to be taught alongside an opposing point of view.

“Our mission is to change behaviors by teaching difficult history,” Higgins said. “If the state makes this hard for us to do – and the teachers and the school district to do – I think we’ll see some really horrible results.”

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