Don’t Use a Credit Card, if You are in These Financial Conditions

Credit cards have many benefits. Use wisely will help someone to meet their needs. In addition, if someone makes good use of it, then financial management and welfare are more supported. In fact, there are many rewards offered by service providers if you are observant in using them.

Conversely, if someone is not good at using it, there will be a lot of risk that must be borne. Aside from the swell of bills, there are a series of interest and debt that cannot be said to be small. Therefore, whether or not someone needs to use a credit card is very dependent on the ability to manage their finances.


Financial Conditions of Credit Card Users

Credit Card Users

As with the use of other financial technologies, credit cards also allow users to experience various conditions. Many financial conditions are more stable if someone has enough self-control. Whereas for people who are consumptive, the financial condition after using it will be problematic.

To be more careful when using a credit card, you can hire a financial consultant. In addition, if necessary, you can adapt a financial book or personal journal of someone who has advanced financial management. If both are difficult to do because of busy life, you can also take part in many managerial lectures and tutorials provided by financial websites .


Financial Conditions that Are Prohibited from Using a Credit Card


There are conditions that allow a person to experience a lot of bad risks due to the use of credit cards. 6 these conditions can affect anyone both temporarily and permanently. If the 6 conditions below happen to you, don’t use them until you are in better self-control.


Very Wasteful

Financial Conditions that Are Prohibited from Using a Credit Card

If you are a person who is very wasteful, you should not use a credit card. This will be very detrimental to you. Because, when shopping without restrictions, while the card limit is still far away you will continue shopping without stopping. This will cause the bill to increase. It’s best to rearrange your priority scale before shopping. Make purchases of goods that are just primary needs so that other things don’t get bought.


Like “Hungry Eyes”

Especially when shopping either directly or online , you may not use a credit card if it is easily tempted by promos for goods other than primary needs. If you use it in conditions that are easily “hungry for the eye”, then the possibility to buy goods that are even very unnecessary will be even greater. Besides being useless or very minimal in its utilization, tertiary goods will take up a lot of space in the house so that in the end they have to be disposed of even though they have only been used once or twice.


Financial Plans Always Fail

Does Not Have an "Alarm"

When was the last time you planned financially and missed? If the answer is always, then you are not the type of wise credit cardholder. You need to practice managerial skills first in financial planning before holding a credit card with all the consequences. Make financial details more stringent and detailed.


Does Not Have an “Alarm”

What is meant by “alarm” in this case is a matter or person who can remind when you have to stop shopping. If you do not have a family, financial consultant, or a device that can remind you that shopping has begun to exceed the limit, then you must stop using a credit card.


Not Realizing Credit Cards Often “Disappear”

Not Realizing Credit Cards Often "Disappear"

Some family members may have borrowed your credit card either directly or “secretly”. If this happens, don’t let your credit card have a large limit and can be easily utilized. If you are among those who are not sensitive to the loss of a temporary credit card, then immediately deactivate the credit card before a bill occurs outside the ability to pay.


Less Control over Each Transaction

At each transaction, you must be observant and careful in controlling it. Do not allow transactions to occur without your knowledge. Not only that, but every transaction should also be neatly written and enclosed with evidence. If you can’t do that, the risk of fraud and improper use of your credit card will be even greater.


Think Again Using Credit Cards

Using Credit Cards

If you are one of the people with the conditions described in the previous section, it is important for you to rethink the need to own and use a credit card? Do not let the presence of a credit card near you will cause new problems for your finances.

Where are you currently in ? How do you handle it ? Express your explanation as one step to avoid credit card problems and inform the above information to friends who are also in one of these conditions , thank you.

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